Battle of the Weber and Napoleon Grills

Published: 14th December 2010
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“Bob, we are gathered in Ted’s backyard for the biggest grilling event of the season since last year’s famous face-off between which one was better – charcoal grills or outdoor gas grills."

“That’s right, Bill. It’s the perfect day for it. We’re here today for the famous Battle of the Grills. The heavyweights, Weber Grills Summit 450 vs. Napoleon Grills Prestige II 450 are going head to head. They both are both gas grills with similar features, quality, heavy duty construction and innovative design. These two are real contenders."

“Yes Bob. It’s going to be a contest like our grillers have never seen before. These dads, husbands and barbecue fans don’t fool around. Grilling is a serious sport. They want the best grill on the market and they want it now!"

“You’re absolutely right Bill. Everyone here today pretty much agrees; it’s not a real backyard or patio if it doesn’t include a grill somewhere in the picture."

“Let’s get these babies fired up. All the lights are red – now they’re green. And the race is on! The Napoleon grill’s main tube burners spit out 42,000 BTU, while Weber has a 48,800 BTU-per-hour input."

“That’s impressive! But don’t forget Bill, the Napoleon Prestige II 450 has a total of 61,000 BTUs."

“Great save, Bob. But the Weber grill includes a side burner, which is an optional feature on the Napoleon Prestige; it also has a smoker burner and a stainless steel smoker box. The Napoleon unfortunately does not."

“Well now, we’ll just have to talk cooking surface. The Summit 450’s total cooking area is 580 sq. in., while the Prestige II 450 eases up neck and neck with 694 sq. in. total cooking surface."

“That’s what I like to hear. But it’s not just about the numbers Bob. We just have to start talking features. And that’s when this fight really begins."

“Okay Bill, let’s start right at the top. The Weber shroud is stainless steel with a polished handle and trim, while the Napoleon uses a two-piece lid system. This eliminates any clearance issues other grills might have because the Prestige lid only sticks out a ½ inch at the back and it’s so lightweight. That’s enough to blow your lid off!"

“Here are some features that are so similar it’s hard to tell these two contenders apart. The Prestige II 450 has an Accu-Probe™ temperature gauge; an electronic ignition (fires up at the touch of a button); a stainless steel warming rack; tool hooks; a gray powder coated galvanized cart with Contour™ double walls doors; all-weather wheels and locking swivel casters; and two work areas with brushed stainless steel side shelves that include condiments trays."

“And you say that Weber has all these same features Bill?"

“Most definitely. Listen to these stats. The Weber Summit has a center mounted thermometer; an individual burner ignition system; a 112 sq. in. warming rack area; six tool hooks; an enclosed cart with corresponding stainless steel doors and chrome-plated cast-aluminum handles; heavy-duty swivel front locking casters; heavy-duty swivel front locking casters; and two stainless steel work surfaces."

“That’s one for the replay."

“We just have to talk about burners. It wouldn’t be a fair fight if we didn’t."

“You’re right about that Bill. And we have a lot to talk about. The Weber Summit grill has 4 stainless steel burners, and the Napoleon Prestige II grill has 3 stainless steel bottom burners and 1 infrared rear rotisserie burner."

“Don’t forget about Weber’s Tuck-Away™ rotisserie system with flip-up motor. That’s a feature no determined griller can live without."

“Oh, what a beauty this is! Weber’s 9.5mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates include the patented stainless steel Flavorizer® bars."

“You just have to take a look at Napoleon’s patented stainless steel Wave™ rod cooking grid perfect for grilling smaller-sized veggies. Nothing will fall through this baby! And it leaves a great designer impression on your steak."

“Now this is where the rubber meets the road. These features, the 8,000 BTU-per hour smoker burner and stainless steel smoker box, the Weber cookbook and the One Grill Out® handle light are unique to Weber and don’t really have any Napoleon Grills equivalents."

“This is a fight we have never seen before!"

“Don’t forget to mention that Weber Grills and Napoleon Grills offer these models in both natural gas and LP (liquid propane) versions."

“Ted’s backyard has been the ideal setting for this big event. And the judges have made their decision. This cookout has been declared a tie! No one saw that coming!"

“And this has been Bob Summer and Bill Deck from Ted’s Backyard. Don’t forget serious players buy serious grills. If you want to be a competitor in the grilling game, look for outdoor gas grills like Weber Grills or Napoleon Grills. You won’t be able to win a cookout, especially if there’re charcoal grills in the neighborhood, any other way. It’s just that simple."

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